What to expect from IGTL World Series Special Event 3


The IGTL World Series’ 3rd Special Event takes place over the course of the next couple days. This is the Super GT themed round.

Special Event 3 is arguably the most difficult combo of the six Special Events. The 2008 Epson NSX is a notoriously deadly Group 2 car due to its power oversteer.

Pairing this car with a wet surface and night-time Tokyo East will cause a much higher ratio of accidents than we’re used to seeing in other Special Events.

The final hairpin is one spot in particular where even the smallest stab of throttle can cause the car to slip away from you. The rear end needs to be kept in check at all times, as its entirely possible to lose it in a third or fourth gear corner.

The slipstream is obviously very strong down the main straight, however there is some dirty air through the high downforce section which drivers will need to watch out for.

Unlike Special Event 2, this dirty air is easily countered by the slipstream in the rest of the circuit.

There is x3 tyre wear during the race, this is a low amount but the rear tyres on this car burn far faster than the fronts. This will make the car more and more difficult to drive as the stint goes on.

Drivers can get away with a 0 stop or 1 stop strategy, it entirely depends if drivers are brave enough to drive the final few laps on utterly melted rears.

We’re expecting the fastest laps in the lobby qualifiers to be among the 2:01s, unless some mentalist proves us wrong! Tune in at 6pm tonight for qualifying and 8pm tomorrow for the race!

Watch live video from LZR_Lewis on www.twitch.tv
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