Veloce_StorM withdraws from the 2020 FIA Gran Turismo Championship


Frenchman Tom Lartilleux (Veloce_StorM) has walked away from the 2020 FIA Gran Turismo Championships, citing the work/prize ratio as his main reason.

Lartilleux is a world class driver in the series and is able to give the likes of Mikail Hizail and Igor Fraga a hard time. It is not au revoir for the youngster, more an adieu as he hopes to be back when the series is able to get its world tours and finals back on schedule.

“The main reason behind this choice is the current situation we are going through. The coronavirus epidemic has massively impacted the GT championships as a whole and forced Gran Turismo and its team to not host their live events as they have always done in 2018 and 2019,” said Lartilleux.

“As a result, no live events are currently scheduled this year, meaning the current season could end without any major event especially as most, if not all, of the events got postponed or cancelled, including events taking place quite late in the year. From a player perspective this situation is far, too far from being ideal.

“The amount of hours required to compete with the best GT drivers is too big compared to the outcome the championship could give me in its current shape and format. This effort would be worth it if I had the certainty of having the reward I could get like last year.

“Other reasons such as ingame updates which altered the racing standards and the new schedule format of the championship justify the choice I made.

“However, this is not a farewell to Gran Turismo. I have always loved and will always love this game and the people working in and around GT.

“Thanks to them I have had the opportunity to travel around the globe, meet new people which then became great friends, and achieve myself as a sim racer.

“It would be stupid to completely give up this game. If the situation massively improves by the end of the year/beginning of 2021, I will happily come back and do my best to maybe hoist the trophy I almost lifted in the air last year in Monaco.

“Regarding this year’s championship, even if I will not try to qualify, I still have plans for it.

“If the series does not end before I have optical fiber installed at home, I will be able to run in a few rounds and entertain you guys who will tune in to my streams on Twitch and potentially other platforms. ]

“This is something I have had in mind for quite a long time now and I hope I will be able to do this.”

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