Top 16 Superstar races reduced in 2020 FIAGTC stage two

The Fugu is in Nations for stage two

Top 16 Superstar races – supposedly the jewel in the GT Sport FIA crown – have been knocked back to two from three in the second stage of 2020 competition.

The races have been dogged with controversy this season with under-18 players being asked not to take part and then having that decision U-turned at the last minute.

Respected streamers like Martin Grady (LZR_Tidgney) were told not to broadcast their T16 races because it would spoil the official Polyphony YouTube programmes but it then took days for all region races to appear on the Gran Turismo channel.

In some cases, world class drivers found they hadn’t made it into T16 races when their points total meant they should have been and some were in the reverse case.

In all, 2020 FIA has been something of a nightmare and it may have led to the decision of long-time partner TAG Heuer taking their ball home in last night’s update.

In the manufacturer season, Alsace Village makes an appearance for round 17 in GR4 while Saint-Croix is back – also in GR4 – at round 14. Red Bull Ring’s short track is in use for the first time in round 19 and the T16 races are at Spa and the Nurburgring 24.

Meanwhile in the always chaotic Nations, the T16 rounds are Nurburgring GP in the Pagani Zonda and Gran Turismo F1500T-A at Sant-Croix C for the finale.

GR1 at Laguna makes an appearance, Spa in the rain using Gr3, GR2 at Fuji – again – and the Greddy Fugu Z at Tokyo is also on the menu.

Come back tomorrow for the full run down and Lewis Bentley’s view on stage two.

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