Thrustmaster unveils load-cell T-LCM pedals

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Gran Turismo live event kit supplier Thrustmaster has unveiled its first load-cell pedal kit.

Featuring the firm’s H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology™) magnetic sensor system, the T-LCM Pedals provides an unlimited lifespan of cutting-edge precision on both the accelerator and clutch pedals — an exciting first for a Thrustmaster racing pedal set.

Load Cell force sensor technology, built into the back of the brake pedal, allows for a large number of adjustment options, making the T-LCM Pedals a perfect fit for any type of racing, all user preferences and each driver’s favorite positioning setup.

Control, precision and flexibility best sum up the T-LCM Pedals: many beta testers have been pleased to report that the pedal set’s outstanding performance has allowed them to shave precious tenths of seconds off their lap times.

16-bit precision and an unlimited lifespan

Incorporating H.E.A.R.T magnetic sensor technology (a revolutionary contactless system, without any potentiometers), the T-LCM Pedals provides an unlimited lifespan of intense use, with optimal precision while racing.

Virtual drivers will enjoy up to a truly astonishing 16 bits of resolution, representing as much as 65,536 values per pedal.

Load Cell force sensor technology: up to 220 lb / 100 kg of pressure, with a set of 6 springs allowing users to customize their braking performance incredibly quickly and easily

The brake pedal on the T-LCM Pedals is a huge advantage while racing, thanks to its force sensor. Adjusting to the intensity of the game being played and the driving style and rhythm of each driver, braking power is measured according to the pressure force applied (muscular, not angular), for perfect control.

The ability to apply up to 220 lb / 100 kg of pressure on the brake is specific to this pedal set, highlighting both its industrial build quality and its high-performance design.

Thrustmaster is even providing T-LCM Pedals owners with a set of 6 springs allowing for a multitude of quick, tool-free adjustments for full customization of the brake pedal’s feel and response.

These springs let all users easily modify the brake pedal’s mechanical resistance according to their gaming setup with an extremely high degree of precision (for use with a table or desk, Wheel Stand Pro wheel stand, GT-style cockpit, F1-style cockpit, etc.).

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