Reaching Level 50 in Gran Turismo Sport is a terrible idea


Gran Turismo Sport’s experience system is notorious for being poorly designed, but the Level 50 requirement is on another, erm, level…

I spent a lot of time on the Level 50 grind last month, I started grinding towards it directly at the start of Level 48. It took the best part of 20 hours. This was grinding the most efficient method in the game too.

The reason for this is the XP requirement increases exponentially between Levels by +20.8% of the previous level. For example, the XP required for Level 47 is 120.8% of Level 46. This is true for every level on the scale.

This actually makes Level 46.5 the halfway mark of the entire XP scale, so if you’re a player in the low 40’s, you still have a massive way to go before 50.

To give you an exact value to put this into perspective for your current level, Level 49 is about 397,000 Experience points long. The total Experience required from Level 1-50 is 2,343,707.

Check out the clip of me hitting Level 50 after this near endless grind! Again, full warning, this will send you insane.

Watch HITTING LEVEL 50 from LZR_Lewis on

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