Pleb v Pro: Laptime tips for those short on pace

laguna bmw

Getting your GT Sport laptimes down and DR rating up is no mean feat. There are many and varied ways to do it, but if you have access to a top level driver, you’d be a fool not to fire him up. writer Lewis Bentley (LZR_Lewis) is a multiple GT Sport FIA World Tour finalist, A+ driver and member of the Lazarus team. He is the pro. David Miller is the editor of, just about a B driver and, therefore, the pleb. But he wasn’t aware how much of a pleb until now.

We took a race simulation of this Wednesday’s Laguna Seca GR4 FIA Manufacturer to kick off the series. Pro v Pleb is a weekly guide using daily races and FIA competitions to help everyone who isn’t in the top 100 laptimes for each track.

And as a bonus, you’ll see other top-line drivers including LZR_Thomas, GT_Alex74, ERM_Quinten and ERM_NicoRD adding some useful comments too. Well, occasionally useful…

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