IGTL World Series bosses hit back after ‘childish’ attack

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IGTL World Series bosses have hit back at a childish attack from a South American driver after he encountered issues in last night’s GT4 Invitational, backed by GTSRacer.com.

PX7-Rodrigo has incited a large-scale public attack against the championship – which includes both attacks and insults directed at the staff – and heavy dislike bombing of the most recent World Series video on YouTube.

“We have good reason to believe this is Rodrigo posting the video across several public channels instructing people to brigade us. One of the commenters mentioned him directly while insulting us, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out,” said a statement from chief Lewis Bentley.

“The cause of this entire thing was Rodrigo getting stuck during the race restart after the entire lobby disconnected. The regulations document states that drivers getting stuck on the grid will start from the back.

“When the staff informed Rodrigo he would be starting from the back, he immediately rage quit the lobby and started this childish attack. It goes without saying he has been banned from all our events from now on.

‘Members of the IGTL staff organise these events in their free time for the community to enjoy, this attack is unacceptable and was caused by the literally enforcing our rules Something else to add, Rodrigo voluntarily stepped up to participate in this race himself replacing PX7-Jon.

“We don’t gain anything from committing the time and effort in order to make this series possible, and this scale of attack over, again, simply enforcing a rulebook is appalling behavior. Nobody deserves this, especially over something so minor.”

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