Highly-anticipated update coming tomorrow


A huge and highly-anticipated GT Sport update will come tomorrow with the promise of a fix for many of the problems.

It is hoped that included in the download will be a fix for slipstream, tyre selection penalties, fuel consumption and tyre wear.

The most sought-after change will be the ability to select how much fuel with which you start qualifying, which will put an end to fuel burning in qualifying.

A statement from Polyphony reads:

The following is a list of some changes that will be implemented in ‘Sport’ mode with the next ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ update.

■ Slipstream
・The effect of the slipstream will be reduced.

■ Fuel Consumption & Tyre Wear Rate for Qualifying & Final
・It will be possible to set ‘Fuel Consumption’ and ‘Tyre Wear’ rates separately in the Qualifying Time Trials and Finals of the FIA Gran Turismo Championships.

■ BoP (Balance of Performance)
・Tyre wear adjustments for Gr.4 FF cars (Front-engine/ Front-wheel-drive;)
・Handling adjustments for all Gr.2, Gr.3, and Gr.4 cars;
・Fuel consumption rate adjustments for all Gr.2, Gr.3, and Gr.4 cars;

As a result, the difference in fuel efficiency will be reduced among these vehicle types.

■ Penalties
・Adjustments implemented to improve the penalty judgement algorithm.

■ Manufacturer Affiliation Contracts
・It will be possible to change the selected manufacturer affiliation contract at the start of the new Series, beginning on Saturday, 25 April.

■ ‘Star Player’ Status
・In addition to those drivers who were awarded the status on 16 March, top-ranking drivers from Stage 1 (which is currently being held as an Exhibition Series) will also receive the Star Player status for the new Series beginning on Saturday, 25 April.

There will also be the 2020 version of the GR Supra RZ, Toyota’s flagship sports car.


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