ERM_Quinten wins final IGTL World Series Special Event

Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 20.33.27

Spotty Herbert Quinten Jehoul (ERM_Quinten) took victory in the final IGTL World Series Special Event this evening but due to his age, won’t be able to compete in the GR3 championship.

The youngster took a pole-to-flag victory, checking out on lap one and never looked back, crossing the line after 17 laps of competition with a five-second advantage over Kevin Bellins (ERT_Bellin) and Matty Jones (CRG_Matty278) who, being over 18, take the last two places in the championship finals.

Jehoul will be rewarded for his pace, though, as he is first pick for the GR4 Invitational that runs alongside the main championship.

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