Angry drivers slam 2020 FIA GT Sport race slots


Update: Polyphony have added more timeslots to the EMEA schedule and it now looks like this:

・Tuesday & Wednesday : 14:00, 15:20, 16:40, 18:00, 19:20, 20:40, 22:00 UTC (7 Slots)
 ・Saturday – Nations Cup : 13:00, 15:40, 18:20, 21:00 UTC (4 Slots)
 ・Saturday – Manufacturer Series: 14:20, 17:00, 19:40, 22:20 UTC (4 Slots)

Angry EMEA GT Sport competitors have slammed the changed 2020 FIA series race times with one driver branding it a ‘championship for students and dole moles’.

Yesterday, Polyphony announced changes to the championship setup which saw championship races move days and times. The latest available race during the week is now 20:20 in Britain and 21:20 in Europe,  which makes it very difficult for those with jobs and/or children to take part.

The earliest available race in EMEA is now 15:00 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for Nations and Manufacturers while on Saturdays, when a decent percentage of the population are at work outside of the Covid19 lockdown period, it is 15:20 to 20:40.

“I work in education but I’m at home working, but the minute I go back to work that’ll be me out for sure,” said multiple World Tour finalist Martin Grady (LZR_Tidgney).

“Can someone confirm these timeslots are right? You’re basically eliminating most UK players from playing on a Tuesday or Wednesday.”

Kie25 said: “Well, just saw the GT Sport schedule and the way they’re planning on doing this new season.

“Beyond stupid, these time slots. Who is making these decisions? Screwing over so many people.”

Mehdi Hafidi (TFz_Mehdi_59) added: “I’m really disappointed. From when do we have to race that much in a short time… like seriously!

“If they divide by two and we only do one round per week I would be happy for that.”

One driver, who didn’t want to be named, said: “It’s a now a championship for kids, students and dole moles. No-one with a job can expect to seriously take part.

“Also, the Oceania drivers are at an advantage as their slots start at 4pm and go on until later than ours.”

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